Florida’s OFFICIAL Canadian expat magazine

We share a continent, similar cultures, and trade agreements that make us truly sister nations. It is difficult to imagine Florida without the Canadian influence on our every aspect of business and commerce and lifestyle. For this reason we have decided to publish a magazine that combines the two with Canadians in mind.

We  report on life throughout the State, on issues that we feel are topical and relevant, some on business and some on life and events, some perhaps just to make you smile. On-line, every other month you will find us.

Canadianlink – Florida’s official Canadian Expat digital magazine
Full Page Ad per issue (6 per yr) $195.00
Biz Listing under region per issue (6 per yr) $40.00
Canadianlink website $150.00 p.a


3 Month Commitment   $500.00
6 Month Commitment   $750.00
1 Year Commitment      $1,000.00

Biz Listing website

1 Year Commitment       $200.00